Previous Mentor Award Recipients
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Mentors become honourary members of the RCCR.  They receive a Paul Harris Fellowship and a plaque. Also, their name is engraved in a large display board.

Previous Recipients.
1989-1990 - Leta Andrew - Mentor to the Tourism Industry of P.E.I.
1990-1991 - Stephen P. Connolly Sr. - Mentor to Senior Citizens of P.E.I.
1991-1992 - Walt Wheeler - Mentor to Tourism and Senior Citizens.
1992-1993 - James Tesky - Mentor to Youth, Veterans and Seniors.
1993-1994 - Dr. J.H. O'Hanley - Mentor to the Medical Community and Children of P.E.I. 
1994-1995 - Mary B. Coady - Mentor to Youth, the Sick and Needy 
1995-1996 - Carter W. MacKenzie - Mentor to Family, Friends and the Community 
1996-1997 - Helen MacDonald - Mentor to Education and Women 
1997-1998 - Father Charlie Cheverie - Mentor to Education and Community 
1998-1999 - Dr. William Temple Hooper - Mentor to the Medical Community and Oncology 
1999-2000 - Father Francis Bolger - Mentor to University Education and PEI History 
2000-2001 - Sybil Cutcliffe - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped
2001-2002 - Hesta MacDonald - Mentor to Education and the Community. 
2002-2003 - Dr. Kent Ellis - Mentor to Medicine and Community 
2003-04 - Mr. Len Sirois - Mentor to Youth
2004-05 - Mr. Frank Ledwell - Mentor to University Education and Literature.
2005-06 - Rev. Ross Howard - Mentor to Community.
2006-07 - Dr. Ian MacQuarrie - Mentor to University Education and the Environment.
2007-08 - Dr. Bernice Bell - Mentor to Gerontology.
2008-09 - Dr. Margaret Munro - Mentor to Nursing and Education.
2009-10 - Marlene Bryanton - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped.
2010-11 - Dr. Bud Ings - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine, and the Community.
2011-12 - Errol Laughlin - Mentor to his community and to military history.
2012-13 - Barbara Mullaly - Mentor in Athletic Administration and Wellness.
2012-13 - Dr. Donald Glendenning - Mentor in Education and Innovation.
2012-13 - Catherine Hennessey - Mentor in Heritage Protection and Preservation. 
2013-14 - Albert 'Ab' Ferris Mentor to Accounting, Education and Public Service
2014-15 - Hon. Catherine Callbeck - Mentor to Women in Business and Politics.
2015-16 - Elizabeth Reagh - Mentor in Family / Elder Mediation and Law.
2016-17 - Lawson Drake - Mentor to UPEI Students & Faculty
2017-18 - Mary Hickey - Mentor to Education
2018-19 - Gary Schneider - Mentor to Island Ecology
2019-20 - Nora McCarthy-Joyce - Mentor in Mental Health and Indigenous Health and Health Literacy

2021-22 - Dr. John VanLeeuwen - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine
2022-23 - Rosemary Curley - Mentor to Naturalists and Biologists.
Mentor Award - 2023

Roxanne Carter-Thompson - Mentor of Social Advocacy

Ms. Roxanne Carter-Thompson grew up in a family that was community minded.  Her parents took in foster children for fifteen years and this experience planted the seeds of compassion and empathy for others within her.  Roxanne has been a driving force in efforts towards social advocacy in Prince Edward Island.  Her career has spanned three decades thus far and continues to inspire.  Ms. Carter-Thompson's own mentors and learnings have led her to many impressive accomplishments across her career.

Roxanne is most well known for her long career "in the trenches" of supporting and encouraging youth and adults.  Having worked with the Adventure Group since 1993, she became the Executive Director in 2003.  Under her guidance and leadership the organization was named one of the top five socially innovative organizations in Atlantic Canada.  The Adventure Group is an organization that provides programs and services aimed at helping individuals fulfil their potential.

Over her 30 years of working in the community sector she has sat on and chaired various committees and assisted in supporting all levels of government in creating and implementing strategies that work to address social issues.

She has created and facilitated many learning opportunities in such areas as personal growth and self-awareness with vulnerable populations along with leadership workshops for the community, government, and the corporate sector.  She was a faculty member at the University of Prince Edward Island for 10 years, through the Centre for Conflict Resolution Studies, while also creating and teaching a short course in leadership at Holland College for 10 years as a sessional instructor.

She is a community builder who has advocated for those who are marginalized and may not have a voice.  Roxanne ensures that those voices are heard and respected - further creating the space and dialogue to help others fulfil their potential.  Ms. Carter-Thompson is not one to ack down from a challenging situation.  Her will to help others helps her to overcome any challenges that may come her way.  Currently she serves her community in what may be one of the most challenging jobs in the province, serving as the Executive Director of the Adventure Group that now operates the Community Outreach Centre in Charlottetown.

Ms. Carter-Thompson is a skilled mentor who leads and supports her staff with the same attitudes and skills with which she works with clients. "I have watched her always take the time to ensure that each and every one gets to know how valued they are and reminds them continually what they bring to this organization, they team they work with, and the clients they interact with every day," said Community Outreach Centre, Director Donna Keegan.  "To say she has a cup half full attitude is an understatement."

In addition to her many volunteer activities, Ms. Carter-Thompson is a published author, contributing a chapter to this spring's Amazon best-seller The Butterfly Effect - An Anthology of Stories by Inspirational Women Impacting the World.

She has also served as the inaugural chair of the PEI Poverty Reduction Advisory Council, charged with giving government advice and input in the development process of the PEI Poverty Reduction Action Plan.  In April of 2022 she was appointed a member of the Poverty Elimination Council.  In February of 2023, Premier Dennis King presented her with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal.

She is a respected mother, partner, friend, advocate, leader and 'Islander'.  A true mentor for social advocacy in PEI and an inspiration to us all.