Island Photography and photography journey
Aug 05, 2020
Stephen DesRoches
Island Photography and photography journey


Who is Stephen?


I am a landscape, nature, wildlife and editorial photographer based in Prince Edward Island, Canada. This Island with borders defined by the ocean is the place I have called home for 40 years and where I have had the fantastic opportunity to live the life of a full-time artist through a mix of both photography and design.

My days are spent working with the great team at silverorange and I am a creative lead for TinEye (a reverse image and photography search engine) and proud to have been part of the Firefox branding process.

When not designing, the art of photography has become a full-time daily creative exercise for personal and commercial work. My current interests are focused on the changing landscape, conservation projects and the effects of our actions. I believe in a leave no trace attitude.

I am a contributing educator at OFFBEAT and previously worked with a publisher to create and design more than 20 photography related ebooks.

I am a Prince Edward Island tourism ambassador and co-author of the book 'A Photographer's Guide to Prince Edward Island'.