Previous Mentor Award Recipients
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Mentors become honourary members of the RCCR.  They receive a Paul Harris Fellowship and a plaque. Also, their name is engraved in a large display board.

Previous Recipients.
1989-1990 - Leta Andrew - Mentor to the Tourism Industry of P.E.I.
1990-1991 - Stephen P. Connolly Sr. - Mentor to Senior Citizens of P.E.I.
1991-1992 - Walt Wheeler - Mentor to Tourism and Senior Citizens.
1992-1993 - James Tesky - Mentor to Youth, Veterans and Seniors.
1993-1994 - Dr. J.H. O'Hanley - Mentor to the Medical Community and Children of P.E.I. 
1994-1995 - Mary B. Coady - Mentor to Youth, the Sick and Needy 
1995-1996 - Carter W. MacKenzie - Mentor to Family, Friends and the Community 
1996-1997 - Helen MacDonald - Mentor to Education and Women 
1997-1998 - Father Charlie Cheverie - Mentor to Education and Community 
1998-1999 - Dr. William Temple Hooper - Mentor to the Medical Community and Oncology 
1999-2000 - Father Francis Bolger - Mentor to University Education and PEI History 
2000-2001 - Sybil Cutcliffe - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped
2001-2002 - Hesta MacDonald - Mentor to Education and the Community. 
2002-2003 - Dr. Kent Ellis - Mentor to Medicine and Community 
2003-04 - Mr. Len Sirois - Mentor to Youth
2004-05 - Mr. Frank Ledwell - Mentor to University Education and Literature.
2005-06 - Rev. Ross Howard - Mentor to Community.
2006-07 - Dr. Ian MacQuarrie - Mentor to University Education and the Environment.
2007-08 - Dr. Bernice Bell - Mentor to Gerontology.
2008-09 - Dr. Margaret Munro - Mentor to Nursing and Education.
2009-10 - Marlene Bryanton - Mentor to Community, Youth and Handicapped.
2010-11 - Dr. Bud Ings - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine, and the Community.
2011-12 - Errol Laughlin - Mentor to his community and to military history.
2012-13 - Barbara Mullaly - Mentor in Athletic Administration and Wellness.
2012-13 - Dr. Donald Glendenning - Mentor in Education and Innovation.
2012-13 - Catherine Hennessey - Mentor in Heritage Protection and Preservation. 
2013-14 - Albert 'Ab' Ferris Mentor to Accounting, Education and Public Service
2014-15 - Hon. Catherine Callbeck - Mentor to Women in Business and Politics.
2015-16 - Elizabeth Reagh - Mentor in Family / Elder Mediation and Law.
2016-17 - Lawson Drake - Mentor to UPEI Students & Faculty
2017-18 - Mary Hickey - Mentor to Education
2018-19 - Gary Schneider - Mentor to Island Ecology
2019-20 - Nora McCarthy-Joyce - Mentor in Mental Health and Indigenous Health and Health Literacy

2021-22 - Dr. John VanLeeuwen - Mentor to Veterinary Medicine
Mentor Award Recipient

Dr John VanLeeuwen

Growing up on the family farm, veterinary medicine was a natural choice for John VanLeeuwen. In 1988, he graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph, and worked for four years as a veterinarian in Ontario and Nova Scotia before returning to the OVC to complete a Masters in 1993 and then a doctorate in 1997.  He joined the faculty of the Atlantic Veterinary College in 1997, working as a half-time Farm Service Clinician and a half-time Epidemiologist in classrooms and on farms in PEI and other places in the world.  Today, Dr. John is Professor of Epidemiology & Ruminant Health Management, and, in June 2021, took on the many responsibilities of the Chair of the Health Management Department of the AVC. 
Throughout his career, Dr. John has exemplified Service Above Self in every aspect of his life and work.  As a faculty member at the Atlantic Veterinary College, he has made enormous contributions in all four pillars of his vocation: teaching, research, professional service, and academic service.  In every one of those areas, one theme stands out: Dr. John’s commitment to student learning and opportunity.  He has supervised dozens of graduate students, and employed dozens more undergraduate students on summer research projects. He has over 200 scientific research publications and presentations, mostly with students as co-authors.  Dr. John has led scientific research and international development projects worth over $23 million, and has collaborated on projects worth over $30 million more, most of which involved graduate students.  As a longstanding member and past leader of international development organizations Farmers Helping Farmers and Veterinarians Without Borders – Canada, he has used his veterinary expertise and his personal skills and passion to transform the lives of thousands of smallholding farmers in developing countries. He has been to Kenya 29 times, supervising vet students in their international rotations, providing veterinary service to smallholder dairy farmers, training Kenyans and Canadians in cattle health management, and conducting research projects to improve milk production and farm livelihoods. In addition, John expresses his commitment to his community and his family in many ways, including extensive involvement in youth soccer coaching and sports officiating; 4-H project leadership; watershed group participation; and catechism teacher and music ministry in his faith community.  
A true mentor, Dr. John has had a positive impact on hundreds of students over the years, not only by training them in the technical knowledge and skills of veterinary medicine, but also by setting an outstanding example of compassion and social justice, and by motivating and enabling them to also provide “Service above Self”.  Through his many leadership roles within the veterinary medicine profession and within the university system, he models these qualities for his peers and colleagues.  He has worked tirelessly to secure resources and deliver supports which improve the livelihoods of Kenyan farm families and, in so doing, provides opportunities for students to gain professional knowledge, global awareness, and personal growth.
John is married to Charlene, also a mentor in her roles as Coordinator of the UPEI Teaching and Learning Centre, a faculty member at UPEI, and program director of Shad UPEI, a Canada-wide STEAM program for students in Grades 10 and 11.  They have three children (Katie – 26, Pieter – 23, and Julie 21) and live in Hunter River.