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Dr Adam Fenech May 19, 2021
UPEI Climate Change Centre
UPEI Climate Change Centre


Dr. Fenech has worked extensively in the area of climate change since 1988 starting with the IPCC First Assessment Report. He has edited 7 books on climate change, most recently as editor of the international journal on Climate Impacts and Adaptation Science. Dr. Fenech has taught at the University of Toronto since 1998, and lectures regularly at universities across Canada and around the world. Dr. Fenech is presently the director of the Climate Lab and the Associate Dean of the School of Climate Change and Adaptation at the University of Prince Edward Island.
T. 902.620.5220
Email: afenech@upei.ca

Dan McAskill May 25, 2021
Wildlife Enhancement on Hillsborough River
Wildlife Enhancement on Hillsborough River


Project Summary:

Over the course of the summer months the Hillsborough River Association worked in cooperation with the Pisquid River Enhancement project to complete various projects on the tributaries of the Hillsborough River. In the spring, tributaries were surveyed for smelt populations and beaver activity. Significant populations of smelt were located on the Black Brook. However, large beaver impoundments were found to be impeding smelt passage on the Black Brook as well as Doyle’s Creek. Surveys found that smelt passage above the Donagh Road and Bethel Roads on the Johnston’s River and Fullerton’s Creek was being blocked as well as on Tannery Creek in St. Andrew’s. An effort to remove the beavers and restore fish passage will be made in the coming years. 

As per Guignion recommendations on Atlantic Salmon management, significant stream enhancement work was completed at Clark’s Creek. This included the removal of alders and obstructions from approximately 5km of stream. The construction of several hundred meters of brushmats, the placement of six rock weirs, patch cuts, and enrichment planting of native trees in riparian zones. 

The annual edition of the ‘Hillsborough Tidings’ was released in March, 2018 and work is underway on a new issue to inform community members of the work completed and thank our project partners including the Wildlife Conservation Fund. Our work also involved several successful community events which included a canoe and kayak event, multiple hiking/snowshoe events with discussion of riparian zone conservation, and a youth/seniors fishing derby at Andrew’s Pond. Beside safety instruction, training sessions were also held for all employees hired this summer covering the topics of forest riparian zone enhancement and wetlands conservation and management to promote best practices in day to day work and to mentor potential candidates for college and university courses respecting stream and wildlife conservation.

Source: Prince Edward Island Wildlife Conservation Fund

Tanya McCready & Hank DeBruin Jun 02, 2021
Winterdance Dogsled Tours
Winterdance Dogsled Tours



Husband & wife team Tanya McCready & Hank DeBruin owners of Winterdance Dogsled Tours enjoy sharing their story and building the bridge between the corporate world and their 1000 mile arctic dogsled race one.  Their mission is to inspire teams to overcome challenges and reach their goals through improved teamwork, leadership and vision.  Having run the 1000 mile 2010 & 2012 Iditarod and the 1000 mile 2011 & 2014 Yukon Quests (plus many 200-400 mile races) the lessons and insights into how leaders inspire & teams work together to thrive are as vast and unique as the landscapes they have dogsledded through…. and the same principles that apply to their huskies also applies to your team.

While it may seem like the 2 worlds are at polar opposites (pun intended!), the connections and lessons to be learned and applied leave audiences taken back and engaged time and time again.  Tanya connects the corporate & dogsledding worlds and shares lessons, demonstrations and examples, while Hank holds audiences spell bound with his stories of what it takes to race a team of huskies 1000 miles through the Alaskan & Yukon wilderness.

Limited speaking engagements are available each year in the spring, summer and fall.  Please contact info@winterdance.com or call 705-457-5281 for available dates and more information.

Corporate dogsledding retreats (with our partners at pinestone-resort.com) are also available in the winter and make for excellent team building! Depending on Hank’s race schedule a speaking engagement can sometimes be added in the evening to these retreats.



Ted Lockie Jun 08, 2021
new Executive Director of Charlottetown Boys & Girls Club
new Executive Director of Charlottetown Boys & Girls Club





Our Vision


All children and youth discover and achieve their dreams and grow up to be healthy, successful, and active participants in society.


Our Mission


To provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life.


Source: Boys & Girls Club of Charlottetown









Bob Gray to chair meeting Jun 16, 2021
Youth Awards
Youth Awards




Each year in June, Youth Awards are presented at a club meeting. The students who receive the awards are chosen by the staff of the junior high school that they attend. They are chosen on the basis of having provided outstanding contributions to their school and their community.

Each youth award recipient receives a small financial reward and a trophy which is presented at their school during the closing ceremonies.

Mary Gallant Jun 22, 2021
Glenaladale Heritage Trust
Glenaladale Heritage Trust





In 2012, Glenaladale Estate was put up for sale, and a small group of heritage and culture enthusiasts took on the challenge of trying to ensure this very important property would be protected from unsympathetic development and regenerated to its former glory. In 2015, Glenaladale Heritage Trust was incorporated, and in 2016 we received charitable status (reg # 819486325 RR0001).


This small group of enthusiasts has since grown into a small army of volunteers working under the umbrella of the Trust. In March 2018, Glenaladale Heritage Trust was finally able to purchase the Estate, with substantial grant support from Canadian Heritage Cultural Spaces Fund and financing from the Government of Prince Edward Island.

The intent of the Trust is to: a) preserve the historical significance of the property; and b) grow awareness and appreciation for the contributions that our Scottish and Irish settlers, and rural PEI and our agricultural base, have made to the Island’s economy and the potential possible in environmentally sustainable practices.


The Trust works to recognize the early builders of the area, including the MacDonald and MacKinnon families―founders and subsequent owners of Glenaladale Estate. Through public education, active use, and the development of related assets, Glenaladale connects the past to the present to take us to a better future, with sustainability at its core.



Source: Glenaladale Heritage Trust

Ouma Cuniah Jun 30, 2021
President’s Annual Report
President’s Annual Report