BOD Quick Facts
Quick Facts
  • The Executive positions (President, Vice President, Past President, Secretary, Treasurer) are elected for one year terms.
  • It is a tradition of our club that the Secretary moves up to Vice President in the next Rotary year and then President the following year.
  • There is one Director for each of the Avenues of Service.
  • Directors serve a 3 year term.
  • The Sergeant-At-Arms is elected for a 1-year term.
The Board of Directors
President - Gary Conohan
Vice-President - Ouma Cuniah
Past President - Laura-Lee Lewis
Secretary - Yolande Murphy
Treasurer - Bev Hood
Sergeant at Arms - Brooke Brehaut
Club Services - Jodi Swan
Community Services - Stan Ferguson
International Services - Phil Matusiewicz
Youth Services - Robert MacLauchlan
Vocational Services - Larkin Lin