Club Awards
There are two awards that our club has for club members, the True Rotarian Award and the Vocational Award.
Past recipients of the True Rotarian Award are:

Brian Arsenault - 2002-03
Dick St. John - 2003-04
Winston Johnston - 2004-05
Myron MacKay - 2005-06
Joan Fleming - 2006-07
Dick St. John - 2007-08
Barry Maze - 2008-09
Bev Simpson - 2009-10
Ann Sherman - 2010-11
Rob DeBlois - 2011-12
John Barrett - 2012-13
James Lovering - 2013-14
David Corrigan - 2014-15
Bev Hood - 2015-16
Lee Forbes & John Furlong - 2016
Susan Carruthers - 2017-18
Tom Wilkinson - 2018-19
No award in 2019-20
Tom Campbell - 2020-2021
Aidan Sheridan - 2021-2022
Past recipients of the Award for Vocational Excellence
Bev Simpson 2001-02
Norman Carruthers 2002-03
Myron Mackay   2003-04
Joanne Ings 2004-05
Winston Johnston 2005-06
Gordon MacInnis 2006-07
Louise MacDonald 2007-08
Tom Wilkinson 2008-09
Dianne Griffin 2009-10
David Morrison  2010-11 
Diane Griffin      2011-12 
Rob DeBlois 2012-13 
Wade Lynch 2013-14 
Barry Maze 2014-15
Bob Gray 2015-16 
Patricia Diaz 2016-17
Glenn Trueman 2017-18
Phil Matusiewicz 2018-2019
No Award in 2019-2020
No Award in 2020-2021
Bill Kendrick 2021-2022
Jodi Swan  2022-23
Club member awards

True Rotarian Award

2022 Recipient - Rotarian Aidan Sheridan

President Ouma Cuniah and Rotarian Aidan Sheridan
The True Rotarian Award is presented to a Rotarian who demonstrates through his/her Rotary and community life that he/she lives by the four-way test and provides 'Service Above Self'.

Nominations are received from club members and under the recommendation of the Board of Directors, the selected member is granted the Award by the District Governor. 
Aidan Sheridan received the True Rotarian Award this year for his many years of service as a Rotarian. Aidan has been working ceaselessly as co-chair of the Advertising Supplement since many years and thanks to his commitment, discipline and unwavering confidence in our club members, has pulled off successfully numerous advertising sales campaigns. 

Learn more about Aidan 

Aidan has been an active member of Rotary International and the RCCR since September 1, 1995. His Rotary classification has been as Legal Advocate and he brings the depth of his professional experience and great common sense to the club. 
Aidan's skill in working with people of different backgrounds to reach consensus is very much in evidence weekly and his wonderful sense of humour during club projects works as the interpersonal glue that keeps our members together as a strong Rotary club. 
Aidan has been a cheerful, hard-working member of the RCCR club, always very supportive of our club's activities including the orientation program for new and transferring members.
Aidan served the club as President of RCCR in 2008-09 and he has coordinated our extremely successful Rotary Supplement Campaign for many years, which is the major fundraiser for our club. With his calm demeanour, pleasant manner and strong abilities as a team leader he has motivated our members to contribute to the yearly success of the campaign and to continue to devote their best selves for the success of the club's biggest project.
Aidan has quietly and modestly been recognized as a Multiple Paul Harris Fellow.  He demonstrates the concept of 'Service Above Self' leading by his good example and inspiring our club members.


What makes a "True Rotarian"?

  • The “True Rotarian” has a Rotary attitude. This is a person who conducts him/herself following the 4-way Test at all times, who is humble, does not flatter wealth or boast of his/her own possessions or achievements.                              

  • This Rotarian speaks with frankness yet always with sincerity and sympathy. After having communicated his/her differences, he/she supports the activities of others even if the direction may not parallel with their thinking.

  • Deeds follow words, and this Rotarian thinks of the rights and feelings of others. This Rotarian always appears well in any company and is a person whose honour is sacred.

  • The “True Rotarian” is the foundation of Rotary – always there, contributing to the current Rotary activity and by any Rotarian’s measure, is the life blood of Rotary.


The Harry MacLauchlan Award for Vocational Excellence

Each year, a fellow Rotarian is chosen to receive the Harry MacLauchlan Award for Vocational Excellence based on the following criteria;

  • Considers their vocation an opportunity to serve- Adheres and promotes the highest ethical standards in their occupation
  • Contributes their vocational talents to addressing the needs of the community- Offers his or her talents for young people
  • Improves the quality of life in their community
  • Abides by the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test in their daily business dealings


2024 Recipient - Bev Hood

For the past 19 years, Bev has used her vocation, to willingly serve as our club treasurer. As it is in business, this is a position where continuity over time is a huge benefit, to our club, not only assist with financial direction, but to ensure that club resources are properly accounted for. Serving in this capacity permits Bev to leverage her vocation to the betterment of our club and ultimately the people and entities we serve. We are fundraisers, and we appreciate that Bev’s commitment to our club provides that “continuity” of control over our finances, which is a fundamental need.
Bev has served as our treasurer on a continuing basis, and hopefully will continue in this role well into the future. Working at her real job, her employer is entrusted with significant sums of client monies to be held “in trust”, and accounted for which is incumbent upon her to manage. Bev has always treated her role as Club Treasurer with the same high degree of professionalism and has ensured proper accounting of each dollar raised and allocated on behalf of the club. She is attentive to cost effectiveness and adherence to controls required for the proper collection, accounting and ultimate distribution of funds as directed by the board. She can regularly be seen at club meetings, “dashing around” obtaining required signatures on cheques, prior to distribution to various payees. She is vigilant in following the financial commitments of each committee both in the collection of funds as well as distribution. She has always demonstrated the highest degree of “Vocational” professionalism in every aspect of the financial needs of our club. ------
Examples of Vocational Excellence:
1. Conducts the club duties as Treasurer in a highly efficient and accurate manner.
2. Provides accurate reporting of club finances to the Board.
3. Applies appropriate “confidentiality” to the duties of Treasurer.
4. Provides distribution of funds, on in a timely and accurate manner.
5. Addresses financial concerns for the club to the board as soon as they are apparent.
6. Provides advice and direction to the board on all matters pertaining to club finances.
Bev is one of the most dedicated members of our club. She works tirelessly, in a quiet and professional manner. This is her hallmark, that also qualifies her this recognition.
She truly uses her profession in the support of the very essence of community service as Club Treasurer, and her efforts are genuinely appreciated by all Club President’s over the years and all of us in this room.
Accompanying this award is the presentation of a Paul Harris Fellowship recognition which will be her PH +4