What do our committees do?
Our committee structure
Our committees are developed under the Rotary Five Avenues of Service. 
To see what we do within our committees, click on the Avenues of Service below.
Our Club Committees
Committee Committee Chairperson
Program Tom Campbell
Archives Pam Borden
Communications Glenn Trueman
Website Mike Lapointe
Fellowship Yolande Murphy
Membership & Attendance Paul Hickey
Health and Happiness Jack MacDonald
Community Outreach & Development John McQuaid
QEH Golf Tournament Mike Hennessey/Jamie Currie
Celebrating Unsung Heroes Tom Campbell
Coins for Eyesight Robert MacLauchlan
Rotary Foundation Lewie Creed
World Community Services Ouma Cuniah
Vocational Excellence Award Bernard Gillis
Mentor Award David Hooley
Holland College Business Plans Yolande Murphy
Youth Exchange Susan Carruthers
Junior High Service Awards Bob Gray
Youth Writing Awards Bob Gray
Supplement Committee Gary Conohan/Aidan Sheridan
Donations Committee Joanne Ings
Nominating Committee Joanne Ings
Club Restructuring Tom Campbell