Speaker Date Topic
Michael Lapointe Apr 24, 2019
Leadership & Self Deception by: Arbinger Institute
Leadership & Self Deception by: Arbinger Institute

We have all been in situations, both at work and in our personal lives, where other people just seem to be in the way. They just don’t get it. They don’t understand us or what we need. They are selfish and self-centred.

In those situations, the authors say, we are “in the box” and are suffering from self-deception.

This excellent book by the Arbringer Institute pulls back the blinds that are making us act in a way that is toxic to relationships - business and personal – and guides us how we can identify when we are under the influence of self-deception and self-betrayal. And by how by changing our frame of mind, we can get out of the box and benefit from appreciation of others.

Youth Awards May 01, 2019
Youth Awards

Each year in June, Youth Awards are presented at a club meeting. The students who receive the awards are chosen by the staff of the junior high school that they attend. They are chosen on the basis of having provided outstanding contributions to their school and their community.

Alana Walsh May 08, 2019
Executive Coaching/ International Coach Week

Alana Walsh is from the Greater Charlottetown Chamber of Commerce.  She will be talking about Executive Coaching and International Coach Week.

Lee Wesselius May 15, 2019
Atlantic Veterinary College working with Kenyan farmers

Atlantic Veterinary College travelled to Kenya and work with local farmers for the summer through a project funded by the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship program and in partnership with Farmers Helping Farmers. 

Holland College Business Plan Awards - tentative May 15, 2019
Holland College Business Plan Awards

A committee comprised of Holland College staff and members of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty read the "top quality plans" to determine who really stepped up to the plate and put in that extra effort. Each year the committee reviews and selects the top three business plans. These students receive recognition for their business plans at a meeting of the Rotary club.

Bernard Gillis May 22, 2019
Harry MacLauchlan Vocational Award

Harry MacLauchlan Award of Vocational Excellence


Each year the Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty honours one of its own  members with the Harry MacLauchlan Award of Vocational Excellence. This award is presented to a club member, based on the criteria of: 


  • Adheres and promotes the highest ethical standards in their occupation
  • Considers their vocation an opportunity to serve
  • Contributes their vocational talents to addressing the needs of the community
  • Offers his or her talents to provide opportunities for young people
  • Improves the quality of life in their community
  • Abides by the principles of the Rotary 4-Way Test in their daily business dealings


The late Harry MacLauchlan was a local business man and member of our Rotary club who exemplified the ideals of Rotary.